Gain Real Time Visibility of Roller Temperatures

SST Wireless Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its second-generation wireless sensor designed specifically to monitor roller temperatures of wood pelletizer machines in real-time. Aptly named after the Roman god of fire, Vulcan is designed to take the heat.

The Vulcan sensor continues to use SST’s proven wireless sensor platform and lithium battery power. The combination of mechanical design and material sciences enables Vulcan to handle the environment typically found in Pelletizer machines.  The sensor provides wireless temperature readings from direct thermal contact with the rollers while ensuring that the internal components of the sensor are protected from overheating.


The sensor housing is made of Aluminum Nitride (AIN), a ceramic material with very high thermal conductivity (> 200 W/mK). AIN acts as a heat sink while also being transparent to radio frequency communication signals. AIN is ideal for rugged environments, being able to withstand years of feedstock flow without erosion.
The organic thermoplastic polymer PolyEther Ether Ketone (PEEK) acts as a thermal barrier, reducing the amount of heat that is transferred from the roller to the sensor. PEEK exhibits excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties along with a very high melting point of around 343oC (662oF).
In addition to ISM band RF communications, the sensor features Near Field Communication (NFC) to simplify the process of activating or deactivating the sensor and to provide current temperature readings when using an NFC-enabled device such as an Android phone.
A thermocouple embedded deep into the threaded mount of the sensor allows for more accurate and timely measurements of roller temperature.


The life of the critical electronic components and the lithium battery is directly correlated to the temperature these components are exposed to.  We tested Vulcan at extreme temperatures, well beyond what it would be exposed to in a Pelletizer. With the ambient temperatures we tested at, the electronics payload remained below its 125C rating.

Roller Temperature Ambient TemperatureComponent Temperature
150ᴼC (302ᴼF) 25ᴼC (77ᴼF)80ᴼC (176ᴼF)
200ᴼC (392ᴼF) 25ᴼC (77ᴼF) 107ᴼC (224ᴼF)
150ᴼC (302ᴼF) 50ᴼC (122ᴼF) 90ᴼC (194ᴼF)

Successful field tests were performed at a mill located in British Columbia, Canada.  While the electronics payload was located less than a centimeter away from the roller surface, the sensor maintained an average temperature of 25oC (77oF) below the temperature of the roller.  The graph shown below, demonstrates efficient thermal management in a confined space.  Temperature measurements gathered during this field trial show sensor components well below roller temperature.


Temperature Accuracy +/- 1ᴼC (+/- 1.8ᴼF)                     
Operating Frequency Sub GHz ISM 434, 915, 800
Channels NFC wake, sleep
Transmission Interval 12 Sec
Dimensions 44 mm (1.7”) diameter
(w/o thread) 32 mm (1.25”) height
Operating Temperature -35ᴼC to + 125ᴼC (- 31ᴼF to 257ᴼF)
Weight 83g (2.9 oz)
Battery Lithium Metal Cell
Life 1 Year Typical Operations

Part No: WIHDSEN02
UPC: 690749132119

SST’s High Temperature sensor is designed to be installed directly on to the roller with no interference to the operation of the pelletizer.  For popular pelletizer manufacturers such as Andritz, the sensors can remain in place while the rollers are being adjusted or removed.

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