Technology is only effective when it is properly implemented, supported and maintained with training. Our services are designed to provide personalized levels of services, support, training and customization to ensure that our customers meet their objectives for safety and optimal operations.

Client Portal

We believe in providing the highest level of support and care for our clients. Our password protected client portal provides tools, training, monitoring and support when and where you need it. In addition, important information such as operating manuals, troubleshooting and latest updates are available.


Our standard support services are available by email and web during our normal business hours of 8am – 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

Extended support services are available for customers who operate mission critical environments where access to our technical staff by email, web and phone are required beyond our normal business hours. These extended services are available on an annual contract based on your specific requirements.


We provide self-paced, web-based training through a series of short online video tutorials that can be accessed anytime through our client portal. Our approach is based on providing maintenance staff with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in smaller segments to lessen the impact on their work load and daily operations. In addition, we encourage our clients to continually revisit our online training to refresh their understanding of our sensor technologies and how to best install and maintain them.

Depending on circumstances, self-managed learning may not be enough and for those customers we offer hands-on, in-shop training with one of our senior technicians. Of course, the online training is still available as refreshers and as a reference tool.

Remote Monitoring

We understand that operating a mine, fleet or plant is time consuming and demands much of your attention. Knowing that our sensors are hard at work is reassuring, but it is only effective if dedicated eyes are watching, and taking appropriate action.

Our monitoring centre is located in Vernon, BC, which is not just a beautiful place; it also offers very stable geography with access to top tier communications networks and data centres. Our staff will keep an eye on the data relayed by the sensors and in the event we notice measurements that are outside the normal operating standards, alerts will be sent based on a pre-determined escalation process.

Custom Development

Our mission is to provide sensor technologies to address operational challenges related to safety and maintenance for industrial and commercial applications. If you have a challenge we would love to help.

Custom projects include sensor modification, new sensor type development, communication control unit protocols, alert displays and software interfaces.