About us: a wireless sensor technology company

Our mission is to help our clients increase safety and reduce operational downtime by delivering the most reliable wireless sensor technologies to address pressure and heat related issues. Our products are designed to work day in day out, load after load, mile after mile in extreme conditions such as those found in mines, mills, wind turbines and on city streets.


Our first TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) was developed as a joint venture with Kal Tire Mining Group, the world’s leading earthmover and mining tire specialist. The product known as True Tire Technology (or TTT) was designed for mining haul trucks that move 360 tons of material or more with each load, 365 days a year, in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.

“Performance under Pressure”

Our in-house team of engineers and developers continue to develop robust solutions for commercial and industrial applications. SST’s current products include two lines of wireless sensor technologies:

  1. Wireless TPMS for buses and heavy duty trucks.
  2. Wireless heat sensors and automated lubrication management for several industries including pellet mills, printing presses, engines and manufacturing.

We take pride in knowing that our wireless sensor technology products can help keep people safe, reduce emissions and increase operational efficiencies.