Biomass Mills

High Temperature Sensor

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. This is how our wireless industrial sensors became one of our core products.

bio-mass-pellet-mills-heat-sensorOne of the mine sites that use our Off The Road Tire Pressure Monitoring System had an idea to attach one of the tire sensors to a stick to measure the heat from a pile of debris, checking that it did not pose a fire hazard should it overheat. It was a simple solution to a problem.

Based on this, we decided to develop a product that measured heat directly from the source and we knew exactly where this application would be needed. In British Columbia where our offices are located, there are several mills that produce wood pellets used as a highly efficient heat source. The challenge was that the bearings on the pellet presses generate a lot of heat and can lead to premature wearing of the bearings and downtime for maintenance. In extreme cases, the abundant amount of saw dust in the air and around the machines act as a fuel and ignite when coming in to contact with the bearings, leading to fires or in worse cases, an explosion.

Our base model sensors were designed for temperatures up to 95° Celsius. The mills were exceeding the temperate range, but we were not sure how much higher the bearings actually operate. In response, our engineers developed a new sensor that withstands temperatures up to 200° Celsius. With this tool, mills now monitor the temperature of the presses in their mills and make timely decisions to ensure plant safety. It thus allows them to operate their equipment at optimal output.

Integrated with our servers and software, mills using our product can now easily manage and monitor their essential equipment.

For details on our latest version of the high temperature sensor and how it solves the challenge of monitoring the roller temperatures in real time, please visit