Public Transportation

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for Buses

Building on the success of our Off The Road (OTR) Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for mining, our product manager and engineers sat down to discuss where our technology could help increase safety and reduce maintenance downtime in other industries, since safety and operational efficiencies is our product mission, after all.

tpms-for-bussesWhile we were planning our next product, there was a sudden rise in accidents involving tire failures on buses. The public was at risk and, considering the number of children who ride school buses daily, we decided to develop a reliable and cost-effective solution. Our complete Tire Pressure Monitoring System for tire safety is the result of over two years of engineering, testing, modification and more testing. We now offer a durable, reliable and cost-effective wireless TPMS for transit, coach and school buses.

In the same way we engineered a wireless Off The Road Tire Pressure Monitoring System for mining haul trucks, our approach to developing TPMS for buses took in to consideration the everyday operational conditions such as climate, routing and passenger loads. Our initial design was based on a standard 40-foot bus. However, discussions with transit operators identified a need for a solution specifically designed for articulated buses (buses that contain two bodies joined at a pivotal point for easier swerving and higher passenger capacities). The challenges for articulated buses included the extended distance for the wireless signals from the sensors and propagation with the lower floors on these models. SST Wireless became, and still is, the only provider that offers a TPMS proven to perform on both standard and articulated buses.

driver-bus-tpms-dashboardDesign considerations for the passenger bus wireless TPMS included the smallest details such as the driver alert dash module, which quickly relays critical pressure and temperature warnings without distracting the driver. We also developed a stand-alone network based on common operating procedures used at the maintenance yards.

Our system has been successfully deployed at key transit authorities in Canada and the United States. The process of deploying the passenger bus wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System requires an extensive in-field pilot program lasting at least six months during which our engineers work closely with the maintenance and operations teams at the respective transit operators.

Our engineers are working on the development and deployment of options that use CAN bus and cellular communication to offer integration with Smart Bus technologies and real time monitoring of fleets.

Initial field testing of SST’s wireless TPMS system for buses

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