Equipment Condition Monitoring

Vibration Sensor – Loki

UPC: 690749132133

Simple, easy to use vibration sensor with built-in intelligence and logic to deliver useful and timely information to help make better operational decisions. The sensor uses Fast Fourier Transformation to calculate and report vibration over time. One year battery life, NFC configuration, wake on an event.

High Temperature – Vulcan

Part No: WIHDSEN02
UPC: 690749132119

The only self-powered wireless sensor capable of handling up to 200°C / 392°F direct surface contact. Made using advanced ceramic and plastic materials for thermal management. Up to two years battery life, NFC configuration, small compact size of 44 x 28 mm / 1.7” x 1.1”.

Pressure & Temperature – Duo

Part No: OTRSEN02
UPC: 690749132126

Rugged and reliable pressure and temperature sensor that is designed to withstand harsh liquids. This sensor is based on our original TPMS sensor designed for use in large format mining tires. Flexible installation using brass thread, rare earth magnets or a patch. Up to three years battery life, NFC configuration, 205 psi / 90°C (194°F) operating range.

Sensor Gateway – Anvil

UPC: 690749132256 RS232

UPC: 690749132270 Industrial Wi-Fi

UPC: 690749132263 PLC

Sensor communication gateway with 4 SMA port for antennas to extend the reach up to 500m / 1640ft range. Virtually unlimited number of sensors can be connected. Flexible connectivity options for direct serial/Ethernet, Industrial Wi-Fi or with a PLC microcontroller.

ECM Monitor – Reporting

UPC: 690749131884

Windows-based equipment condition monitoring software for use with Anvil Sensor Gateway. Simple, elegant interface provides a quick dashboard of sensor data mapped to equipment. Warning and Alarms can be set by the operator along with custom reports.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Off The Road (OTR) Tire Pressure Sensor

Part No: OTRSEN01

Field-proven in some of the harshest environments. SST’s original pressure and temperature sensor for use in off the road tires. Resistant to corrosive tire additives. OEM sensor for leading TPMS and Telematics providers. Up to two years battery life, 150 psi / 90°C (194°F) operating range.

Commercial Truck & Bus Tire Pressure Sensor

Part No: CBSSEN01

Rugged one-piece pressure and temperature sensor in a slim, low profile design for easy installation on commercial tire rims. OEM sensor for North America’s largest Transit Bus manufacturer. Up to 4 years battery life, 150 psi / 90°C (194°F) operating range.

Master Control Modules

SST offers customized sensor control modules for communications and management of our TPMS sensors. Display and connectivity requirements are built on requirements for each of our OEM partners from a simple driver alert module, cellular, CanBus and integration with third party vehicle management systems.