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Container Port Cranes

Global trade depends on the efficient operation of container terminals around the world. A critical workhorse behind this operation is the Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG) crane, essential to transfer containers between the ships and trucks that deliver goods. Demand is increasing exponentially, and leading ports are seeking innovative technologies to meet needs.

A typical RTG crane is fitted with 16 wheels on 4 bogies which requires a diligent and labor-intensive program to check and maintain optimal tire pressure. Even a small difference in pressure can result in uneven load balance, faster tire wear and failures that contribute to costly downtime.

Port Houston is one of the largest and busiest US container terminals. SST was tasked to deliver durable, reliable, and accurate sensors uniquely capable of operating with a 150-psi threshold and span greater distances between the wheels and communications infrastructure.

An added challenge was tubed tires used on the cranes, requiring the sensors be mounted externally and exposed to the elements.

SST deployed its proven Duo temperature and pressure sensor that is a mainstay for large format, Off the Road (OTR) tires such as those used in mining haul trucks. A custom valve adaptor was developed for easy installation.

A single wireless sensor gateway was installed on top of the crane to monitor all 16 tires. The gateway communicates to SST’s ECMDash platform on Amazon Web Services using the port’s Wi-Fi connection, connecting operators to real-time data on each crane.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy Duty liquid resistant wireless sensor with long range communication gateway.
  • Leak and deflation alerts via email and text.
  • Implement optimal tire pressure program.
  • Automate labor intensive tire checks.
  • Increase safety for cranes and staff.