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Industrial Storage Tank Filters

There are millions of storage tanks around the world for grease, oil, diesel and other industrial fluids that are used in industrial operations. Most of these tanks use a filter device known as a breather that must be monitored and maintained.

Maintaining breather filters on industrial fluid tanks that contain industrial liquid is critical to ensuring fluid cleanliness. Failure to do so can introduce airborne contaminants and moisture that will affect the operation of the machines that rely on the fluids. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of mechanical failure in hydraulic system is due to contamination.

To ensure that these breathers are functioning and protecting the fluids in the tank, they must be checked on a regular basis by visually inspecting the filter. Depending on the type and location of the tanks, workers may have to climb up or squeeze in difficult locations, creating unnecessary safety hazards and using valuable time. Even when they do inspect, the visual aids such as analogue gauges and desiccant color can be unreliable and difficult to read.

SST’s Aura Breather Sensor solve this challenge by wirelessly monitoring the differential pressure and humidity of the filters without having to physically inspect them. With the monitoring application, maintenance personnel can schedule when to service the filters and ensure there are replacements on hand and save resources.

Integration with SST’s Anvil sensor gateway is a simple plug-and-play solution with sensor activation using near field communications (NFC) via an Android device. Highly effective electronics with very low power consumption guarantee a long sensor life.

Sensor Features:

  • On board differential pressure, humidity and temperature monitoring with user defined reporting interval using Android App.
  • Built in logic to analyze measured data and provide easy to understand reports.
  • Additional information includes percentage of time the breather is used and critical congestion.
  • Minimum 2-year battery life.