SST’s Loki Vibration Sensor on a municipal turbine water pump

Cities and towns across the United States and Canada are responsible for providing clean and safe water to its residents whenever they turn on the tap. Maintaining the pumps essential to delivering water is a challenge for municipalities with tight budgets and limited resources.

The standard industry practice of hiring vibration analysis providers on a periodic basis only provides a snapshot of the pump’s condition. SST’s Loki Vibration sensor offers a practical approach to monitoring vibration and temperature by continuous monitoring in real-time with easy to understand reports delivered every hour or every day, depending on the reporting interval that our customers choose. Public works staff can gain insights into the life cycle of pumps and be able to predict when service or action is required. SST’s wireless sensor solution is cost effective and easy to deploy.

Installation is simple, and an array of sensors can be installed directly on the pump in minutes using a magnetic adapter. When the sensor is activated, it self-calibrates, regardless of the position on the pump. Using any Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Android device, the interval of reporting and alarm thresholds can be changed by simply tapping the sensor with the device like paying for groceries. The sensor is designed to be installed and left in place for a year or longer, depending on the reporting interval.

The Loki sensor measures all 3 axis and has built-in intelligence to calculate the change in vibration (amplitude and frequency). The process is called Fast Fournier Transforms (FFT).

SST’s web-based software application called ECM Cloud provides operators with a graphic display of the g-force and shift-in-frequency to help pinpoint the magnitude and source of vibration.

Over time, the data will reveal the true service life cycle of the pump and remove the guesswork. This will provide more predictive, efficient and timely maintenance of valuable assets.

Integration with SST’s Anvil sensor gateway is a simple plug-and-play solution with sensor activation using near-field communications (NFC) via an Android device. Available LTE, Wi-Fi, SCADA and Satellite communications option for data storage and reporting.

Loki Vibration Sensor Features:

  • Onboard 3 – axis accelerometer up to 16 g range.
  • Vibration data processed directly on the sensor.
  • Comparison data and reporting at user selected intervals from 6 minutes to 12 hours.
  • Event triggered monitoring and reporting in real time.
  • Wireless range of up to 500 m / 1640 ft.