About us: Industrial wireless sensor technology company

Our mission is to help our customers increase safety, reduce operational downtime and conserve energy where possible. We design and manufacture purpose-built sensors, gateways, and applications to address challenges faced by operators of industrial equipment and heavy-duty vehicles. Our current line of sensors measure pressure, high temperature and vibration, with new sensors in development.

Some have argued that we over-engineer our products, that we should produce our sensors cheaper and faster. We disagree. Our sensors are designed to work day in day out, load after load, turn after turn, mile after mile in some of the harshest conditions such as those found in mines, sawmills, factories and even on city streets. Our customers rely on our sensor technologies to provide them with real-time data to make more informed operational decisions.

We take the fact that our customers rely on our products very seriously. This is why we engineer and build our sensors and gateways at our facilities in Canada and chose to work with local suppliers and service providers whenever possible. We take the time to test our sensors and gateways rigorously before we ship them for deployment.


Our first product was a liquid resistant pressure & temperature sensor to monitor large format mining tires used on giant haulers. We also designed a communications gateway and user interface software to deliver a complete TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) as a joint venture with Kal Tire Mining Group (KTMG). KTMG is one of the world’s leading earthmover and mining tire specialist. The product known is known as True Tire Technology (TTT). With over a decade of experience working with mining trucks, we know about harsh conditions, where our technology simply must work.

Several years later, our in-house team of engineers developed a version of the sensors and gateways designed for commercial trucks and buses that are available as an OEM option with a leading bus manufacturer.

Building on the success of our TPMS products, SST has invested heavily in the development and validation of our line of industrial sensors since 2014. Working with end-user customers, we have extensively field tested our high temperature and vibration sensors to validate our technology and establish initial use cases. The team at SST continues to work on developing new wireless industrial sensors that remove the barriers to effective equipment condition monitoring and the application of IIoT to provide predictive analytics and comparison tools.

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