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Industrial IoT For Everyone

Acquiring and deploying industrial wireless sensors and gateways to monitor critical industrial equipment and heavy-duty vehicles should not be complicated or costly. Regardless of the in house expertise or resources available, our customers deploy, setup, and gain new machine condition insights in minutes.

Our mission is to make your Industrial IoT simple.

We design, manufacture, and distribute a line of accurate and durable, industrialized wireless sensors that are the result of years of development and extensive real-world testing. SST’s sensors include a corrosive liquid resistant pressure sensor, a high temperature sensor that can be installed on machine surfaces running at 200°C / 394°F, and a vibration sensor that analyzes and delivers actionable data so maintenance can respond immediately.

Our history spans over a decade as a recognized leader in industrial and commercial grade wireless tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that help increase safety, extend tire life, and increase energy conservation for heavy duty vehicles such as mine haul trucks, construction equipment, transit buses, and transport trucks.

Combined with our flexible gateway that connects to CanBus, Modbus/ PLC, LTE, LoRa, RF, or Satellite with ECMDash (a cloud-based monitoring platform with alarms and trainable event aggregation), SST delivers solutions to increase safety, reduce downtime, conserve energy, and reduce impact on the environment.

We support global OEMs, enterprises, and family run small businesses.

We supply a range of products plus services from customized sensor white labelling, gateway integration with existing control- automation systems, to a complete solution including data hosting, threshold alarms, and predictive analytics on our ECMDash services.